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The Alumni Mastermind

Message from Professor Amsler

Hello Alumni,

Proximity is power! Join me in my Alumni Mastermind Group where we strengthen community and explore a variety of topics. From life and career paths to musical & flutistic challenges to pedagogy and body health, this group will gather to share and connect.

Together we can exchange, learn and inspire
Together we can share from the heart and support each other
Together we can raise the energy level and maintain a higher vibration
Together we can co-create and keep changing the world

The Alumni Mastermind consists of a bi-weekly zoom meet up, quarterly trainings, and a private Facebook group to stay in touch, ask questions, exchange ideas and celebrate success and victories together. Enrollment begins soon! 

FSU Flute Alumni, graduated between 2001-2023
December 4-18, 2023

Austrian & Bolivian Flute Alumni & All FSU Flute Alumni
~ to be announced in 2024


Meetings will take place each month on the first Friday and the third Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

If you are interested to take part in this wonderful community and have access to such an incredible collective of experience, knowledge and wisdome become a member of The Alumni Mastermind

Please enroll with the link below for only:
$180 – 6 months
$320 – 12 months

Now get excited and do not hesitate and just click and enroll!


I can’t wait to see you there my dear Alumni and esteemed colleagues. And I feel honored and deeply grateful to welcome you warmly to TAM.

Yours truly,

Eva Amsler

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The Alumni Mastermind

Coming Soon”