Photography has been my hobby since I got my first camera from my godmother when I was about age ten. During school and family events and vacations, I  loved to capture the memories with pictures for everybody. I’m not sure why, but it was important to me.

With my former husband, a violin maker, I had an experienced photographer on my side. I began using his camera and got thorough advice on one of our Finland trips where I had my first experiences using it. I loved it and still own that non-digital camera!

I started traveling by myself in 1996, and the camera became an important companion. I was seeing through the eyes of somebody who was not with me on the trip but wanted to know about it. It might be, that this trip is when I started using the camera as a story teller.

About the same time I met Nikolaus Walter, a photographer in Feldkirch, Austria. He took the pictures for the founding of Syrinx, a foundation for flute teachers in Austria, and he also took artist shots for me. He is such a gifted storyteller and through his photographs, I learned a lot. He is a wonderful friend; I love to visit and talk, see his newest photography endeavors, and get inspired every time!

I came to Miksang through my friends in Tallahassee. Miksang is a Tibetan art form and means “ the good eye.” At this time, I began to understand that I needed and wanted to develop my eye in a different way as a personal way to grow. Miksang is contemplative meditation and is grounding for me very quickly, if not instantly.

I was told that I was a very talented painter and drawer before I got to school, at age seven. It seemed as though photography would be able to help me to open my eyes again, after they were sleeping for quite a while. Miksang helps me learn to see.

What you find on this page is the result of a very personal journey. I hope you enjoy it.