Image of Eva Amsler holding a flute

Photo by Michael Broyles, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Eva Amsler continually surprises with her originality, her spontaneity of expression, the intensity of her concerts, and her flutist expertise. Her methodology and didactics, leadership qualities and intuitive approach to people resonate with students and teachers of all ages.

She loves the experimental, seldom loses her good humor, and is always open for discussion and the exchange of ideas. She enjoys taking on the role of learner and assuming responsibility for that role. Her energy and motivation for discovery and innovation are inexhaustible.


I am excited that you are here, and I welcome you warmly!

Music has always been a part of my life. Not only do I play the flute, I also listen to all kinds of music, but still mainly classical in my private time.
My love of music began with my mother often singing everywhere she went, my listening to music on the radio and also to Swiss folk music, and listening to my father playing the piano. I remember hearing Beethoven 5, Mozart “Magic Flute” and “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” which were the only records we had. My family sang together often, when we were in the kitchen, in the yard on a hike, and eventually in the car.

At bedtime, my mother read or told us stories, sometimes ones she invented in the moment. She was a fantastic storyteller, and my sisters and I hung on her every word. After storytime, she left us alone to sleep, and I often heard my father play the piano. He played Vienna Salon music like “When the Grandmother met the Grandfather” which was a well-known tune. During the day, we begged him to play “The Little and the Grown Up Camel” – later on, as I became a flute student at age 12, he played with me for my first collaboration with piano at home.

Now that you know I little more about my youth, you’ll discover that this website is about who I am as an artist, musician and flutist, as well as a teacher. Early influences, of course, are important, but what you will find here is a lot more about today and who I am now. I invite you to learn more about my work today. I am happy to see your comments and invite you to contact me with questions or information about my masterclasses, recitals, workshops and lectures.

I am a proud student of the first woman who graduated from the Zuerich Conservatory, Sunna Gerber (the daughter of the famous man, who invented the Bircher Muesli…!!). She was a student of well-known French flutist Andre Jaunet, who was teaching at Zuerich Conservatory and was Principal of the Zuerich Tonhalle Orchestra. I am equally happy to have studied with Jaunet’s successor and student Guenter Rumpel. Rumpel was a student of Gaston Crunelle and Fernand Cartage in Paris. I got my undergrad degree (flute teacher degree) from Guenter Rumpel. I received my artist diploma from the famous Aurele Nicolet, who was also a Jaunet and Moyse student in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. How lucky I was to get to learn from these legendary flutists in the flute family tree!

Coming to the United States was a dream since I was quite young, in my late teens – I do not remember exactly when, but it was very important to me. Finally, it happened: I became Visiting Assistant Professor at Florida State University (FSU) College of Music! I never thought I would be here for 18 years and more, but here I am. I’m happy to be able to share much of my Swiss heritage and French flute legacy, along with my knowledge and experience of many years of flute playing, teaching and “being alive.” Even when keeping the ties to my family and friends in Europe is often a stretch, it also is very rewarding and enriches my personal and professional life.

You may ask why I stayed here in Tallahassee and at FSU. It’s curiosity, my urge to keep learning and a certain spirit of adventure – but ultimately what kept me here are my colleagues at the College of Music and the spirit of the College itself. I found like-minded people, endless possibilities, and a few special close friends. I like the City of Tallahassee with its Spanish Moss and Southern charm. I love all the National Nature Parks, the Gulf of Mexico and the Forgotten Coast of Florida, the Atlantic Ocean, Wakulla Springs, Sinkholes and Mission St Louis. This enriches my life – and I am so lucky to still be able to go back to good old Europe and combine both worlds in my small life.

Please explore the website, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. I am thrilled you have taken an interest in what I am doing.

Thank you!

Eva Amsler